Who had the most influence on your life or career? When I look back I can easily cite the two or three most important people who helped me get on my path.  I remember the teacher who finally cut through the noise or the boss who helped me learn from a mistake instead of penalizing me. We all have those key influences in our life. 

Our clients and colleagues do as well.  Can you become one of those factors in their life or business? Can your product or service or personal skill set influence their direction? That may be a daunting idea. You might say, “How can I become someone that important? I just want to make a connection or a sale.”  

Very few people start out every day trying to change the world but we can all change or impact others one event at a time.  Think about your unique skill set or how you can offer something of insight to the people you want to reach.  Create your story with some careful analysis and thought.

One client of mine in the fitness market was struggling to stand out with a new nutrition product. They had a packaged goods product but we knew they were fighting the misperception that it was unhealthy because it was from a big company.  We could have spent a lot of time and money with conventional advertising trying to change the perception. Instead we created content in all media that informed and educated on healthy eating science and trends. This established their credibility, created trust and eventually led to trial and buying.

As a professional you can adapt this approach by becoming expert, honing your story and sharing it widely.  If you’ve helped clients succeed then share that story with your network.  If your company is a thought leaders or innovator, share it freely. If your strategy or specific approach to client service is outstanding then don’t be shy about sharing it with others.  Give it away and expect it will come back many times over.