I was lucky...

I was lucky! Early in my career I was exposed to the value of building a strong strategic plan and what a difference maker it can be. I’ve used this experience in many ways from marketing, sales, general management and in consulting and it has never let me down.

I was the program manager for a powerful music radio station in a hard fought battle for audience and revenue.  I had the job because of my knowledge of the music, the market and my skill at managing the staff. We had done a pretty darn good job of creating an entertaining and exciting product and the listeners were responding but that was just the beginning.

What I didn’t have was the experience to know the strengths and weaknesses of my product versus the competitors and how to create a unique and winning product that could be marketed to succeed.  I was also lucky to have veteran strategists running our company who knew the value of fact based, objective research, external advice and strategic development.

Rather than rely on our collective “gut” we added benchmarks to test our theories and hone our plan. The result was a product that succeeded because we found the hole in the market and created a path to filling it.  We knew what the audience wanted and how big the need was. We gathered the information, developed a plan and in the process got all key stakeholders from senior management, marketing, on-air talent (product) and sales to understand what it would take to win. 

When a competitor pivoted to block our moves or another one entered the game we had a solid plan in place so we did not have to continually react and revise.  

I’ve done this for business many, many times since that eye opening experience and I am continually delighted with the results. Whether your business is relatively new or long standing it is essential you revisit you plan, re-energize it and very possibly start over.  

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