It all leads to this!

Hopefully you love what you do and that has allowed you make a really good product and you’re having some success.  But you can do more if you have a brand, a plan and a cohesive sales strateg.

I am inspired to help companies realize their potential by removing roadblocks, instilling systems of accountability and process to substantially grow revenue. When I began working with IDEA Health and Fitness there was untapped potential to update and integrate marketing tools to help clients succeed and to increase IDEA's revenue.  This required a top to bottom reinvention and repositioning of the products and the partner benefits.  The results were immediate and significant after changes to all collateral, marketing messaging, and the implemention of sales team training and execution. 

Creating and maintaining a successful sales organization is possible for almost any product line or market.  The key elements:

  • A leadership committed to a culture of growth
  • An integrated strategy designed to drive customer engagement and satisfaction
  • A data driven process to market, analyze, adapt and respond to marketing conditions
  • A front line sales team and backend resources committed to the right way of customer service, sales and retention

If you have a great product or service but the revenue isn’t moving fast enough, or as consistently as it once did, then your sales strategy may need a review and adjustment.

If you’d like to talk about your sales and revenue goals please give me a call at 760-637-5333 or E mail me.