Lamarca strategies 

Business success requires a clear strategic plan and the checks and balances to stay on course.  We specialize in providing objective strategic guidance to help you choose the best path, and a strong brand story to attract and retain the most valuable clients for maximum revenue potential.  


A good strategic plan won't guarantee a win but you're guaranteed to lose without one. We help you find the path to success with objective analysis filtered through real world success in marketing, sales and revenue growth.  Whether you’ve been around awhile and need a fresh view, or you’re just getting started, we can give help. We’ve been there!

Your story

You have a unique story and we'll help you hone in on the most powerful way to tell it .  Your story is the essence of who you are and what you do.  It is your brand. We’ll make sure the market understands what you really do and then move your story forward.  Let's talk about where you’d like your brand to go.

It’s about sales!

Honestly, many companies are simply too busy creating great products or servicing clients to realize they’re not telling their story in the clearest manner to generate the sales they deserve.  We can help you define your value, create clear messaging, develop marketing tools and manage the sales process to grow your business. 

I have worked with the most important and influential people and brands in the fitness industry. Business is about people — connection and passion. Success is about having a unique and distinct product, telling your story, and finding the right advocates and buyers.
— Jim LaMarca