the strategic plan

A good strategic plan won’t guarantee you a win but you’re guaranteed to lose without one!

I was lucky! Early in my career I was exposed to the value of building a strong strategic plan and what a difference maker it can be. I’ve used this experience in many ways from marketing, sales, general management and in consulting and it has never let me down.

At a minimum a plan should include:

  • ·      The marketplace
  • ·        A 360 degree view of your company
  • ·        Products
  • ·        Staff
  • ·        The perception and reality of your customers and prospects
  • ·        Your marketing
  • ·        Your competition
  • ·        Growth areas
  • ·        Threats to your success
  • ·        Unique Value

I’ve done this many, many times since that eye opening experience and I am continually delighted with the results. Whether your business is relatively new or long standing it is essential you revisit your plan, re-energize it and get on track.    

If you’d like to learn more about developing a strategic plan give me a call at 760-637-5333 or E mail me.


The best laid plans

The best laid plans